Holly Short
Biographical info Unknown
Gender Female
  • Captain
  • LEPrecon (Lower Elemets Police)
  • Section 8
  • Captain
  • Fairy Officer

No Title

No information

Captain Holly Short was the first female LEP recon officer.

She didn't fit in with the other male officers at first, escpecially the commander, Julius Root. after the the defeat of Artemis Fowl II, she became welcomed in the fairy police. She was captured in the first book by Artemis Fowl so that the fairies would come looking for her. She was locked in a cell, and the fairies did everything they could to save her, but she escaped herself by preforming the fairy ritual. It is also said that a tech "geek" named Foaly, a centaur, is very good friends with her. Artemis falls in love with her at the end of the second book, to the extent of them kissing in the sixth, although this may also be attrabuted to a "mind over matter" situation that caused her to become an adolescent again.. She did many important things after that with Artemis Fowl, many of them involving Foaly and Commander Root, until Root died in the fourth.

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